My Story

My Story

David Barker - Independent Distributor

David Barker – Independent Distributor

My Affiliate Number – 10216837

Hi Everyone, welcome to SISEL International. Hope you are enjoying and indulging in sharing these wonderful life changing products with others….I am…….!

I sincerely hope you are at least trying the A.G.E pill and start feeling younger in less than a week. I am 64 years young and feel way younger than my age, younger than I have in years. My aches, pains, arthritis, double chin are gone. My skin is more youthful, my age spots and crows feet are disappearing and much more. Everything is starting to work again…lol…Be sure to checkout all the testomonials on YOUTUBE on there SISELERS CONNECT Channel.

I have been in other MLM companies but SISEL has the infrustructure, quality and solid product line to make for a great long term income oppurtunity for anyone willing to put in the work to make it happen with all there Futurististic all Natural, NON-GMO Age Reversing products, there own 400.000 sq.ft. manufacturing plant in Springville, Utah, the highest payout program ever offered in any MLM business. They’re financially stable and a Billion Dollar Company with NO Debt. They are unmatched in the industry, hands down. We get a replicatable website and a incredable State of the Art Back Office Dashboard to work with as well…

 If you want to order any products please feel free to do so. If you have any problems with trying to buy products, be a Preferred Customer or become a SISEL Distributor please call Customer Service 801-704-6700, they will be happy to help you…This 11 year old Company is growing 30% a month. This is the greatest MLM oppurtunity ever, in my opinion……

Turn your old DownLine into your new DownLine.

Best of luck to you….
My Affiliate Number – 10216837

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